Flight To Pluto


A classic shooter form ZX Spectrum



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Flight To Pluto is a game based on the 1988 Delfox where your main mission is to fly through outer space getting rid of all the enemy ships that try to down your craft. To do it you've just got to brush up on your marksmanship – and be fast so you don't run into anything.

This version includes nine levels that get harder as you go along. Luckily, your weapons evolve progressively too so you don't get left behind. But you have to make smart use of them if you want to get very far.

Besides working on your aim and speed, you've got to watch out for the asteroids that zoom into your path, especially once you make it into the atmospheres of the planets along the way, where the meteorite activity is greater.

There are power-ups you can collect that help you boost your score so you can capture the top spot in the player ranking for Flight to Pluto.
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